About Us

Onionclub is blockchain based, web3 social and business platform - SocialFi. We bring the highest level of privacy and security to the social networking, communication and business platform.

What is SocialFi?

Allow Forbes to define SocialFi:

"In the Web3 revolution, social networks are likely to transform into a powerful ecosystem called social finance—SocialFi, for short—that will merge the existing capabilities of social networks with blockchain and NFTs. As a decentralized network, it will see the onus of data ownership shift from social networks back to the users themselves."

What we represent?

Onionclub is a sustainable SocialFi project where the critical essence is the privacy and security of its users. This platform represents all nations and global viewpoints. The users OWN their data and have a choice whether they want to be known to the world or they keep it entirely anonymous.

The Onion Club is a union of people who share a desire to recover stolen freedom. The Onion Club does not believe in a single master, one vote, or one course of action. We are opposed to brutality, dictatorship, and the existing state of affairs. We do not resort to violence. We believe in effective change through technological advancements.

What do we focus on?

The platform will focus on free speech and quality of content where the creators will be rewarded for their content and own it. A communication dApp will play a pivotal role in this. It will function as a peer-to peer (device to device) direct communication tool, where users can also secure  communication via a cryptographic cypher.

Onionclub is not interested in users data or selling it. Instead of stealing from users, we will employ a DAO as a socialFi platform with several dApps for commercial use to ensure monetization. We pay special attention to business applications such as business-to-business, business-to-customer and customer-to-customer.

Onionclub aims to provide an ecosystem as a visually stunning platform where the user experience is thought through and re-evaluated every step, and most importantly, create a multi-assets, multi-business structure where we all can overcome one of the most significant issues holding us back.

“We cannot solve problems with the kind of thinking we employed when we came up with them.” — Albert Einstein

What is the problem with current social and business platforms?

Heavy Censorship

The right to privacy and free speech are highly violated.

Privacy and freedom of speech have many limitations in modern life. Looking at the current major platforms, we have a huge problem where we end up in a social media jail, get banned or have accounts deleted altogether.

Data misuses

Social media & business users do not control their data.

Little is known about what the information is used for besides trying to get us to buy things we don't want. The taken petabytes of data are exceptionally valuable for those who will aggregate this carefully.

Frequent Breaches

There are numerous articles about data breaches & identity theft

Another critical issue lies within the programming core- these companies are built on top of each other, so when we revisit the foundation, it's dated. Nowadays, the tech stack has evolved. Some, for example, still relies on PHP.